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Untimely treatment of the pathology is fraught with bleeding, perforation of the esophageal wall, the development of mediastinitis, and general exhaustion. Achalasia cardia increases the risk of developing esophageal cancer. After pneumocardiodilation, a relapse after 6-12 months is not excluded.

The best prognostic results are associated with the absence of irreversible changes in esophageal motility and early surgical treatment. Patients with achalasia of the cardia are shown dispensary observation of a gastroenterologist with the implementation of the necessary diagnostic procedures.

The course of achalasia cardia is slowly progressive.

Achalasia cardia: causes, symptoms, treatment methods.

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Achalasia cardia is a fairly common chronic disease of the esophagus in gastroenterology, characterized by insufficient reflex relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter that separates the lower esophagus and stomach. Violation of neurontin of the cardiac opening of the digestive system is manifested during the act of swallowing, when the food bolus hardly penetrates into the stomach. Also, clinical pathology in medical terminology can be defined as chiatospasm, or cardiospasm of the esophagus.

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To date, medical experts do not give an accurate causal definition of esophageal obstruction, since the narrowing of the esophageal canal before entering the stomach is not constant. Chaotic neuromuscular contraction of the smooth muscles of the distal and middle sections of the esophagus occurs in a disorderly amplitude, then sharply decreases, then, on the contrary, increases. They tried to explain the nature of the disease in the USA, experimenting on guinea pigs. Animals for some time lacked in the diet of thiamine, or vitamin B, which stimulates metabolic metabolic processes in the body of mammals. However, laboratory research has not found clinical confirmation in chronically ill people.

According to the international classification of diseases of the 10th revision, achalasia of the cardia (ICD10) has the code K22.0, and belongs to the class “Diseases of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum”.

Causes of clinical pathology. The next very common version of the cause of achalasia cardia is considered to be a disorder of the nervous system and psyche. Prolonged depression, psycho-emotional instability and other conditions can disrupt the digestive activity in the human body. Such an assumption of a causal factor of esophageal dysfunction is not without meaning.

However, clinicians, for the most part, are inclined to another theory of the occurrence of chronic pathology.

Infectious lesions of the lymph nodes of the pulmonary system leads to neuritis of the vagus nerve, due to which, perhaps, achalasia of the esophageal cardia occurs. Despite the lack of clinical confirmation, gastroenterologists are unanimous in their opinion that the cause of the development of the disease is hypersensitivity of esophageal cells to peptide hormones secreted by the stomach.

In addition, there are four stages of esophageal achalasia (see table).

The second stage A stable increase in the muscle tone of the sphincter during swallowing is determined. The third stage Radiographically confirmed cicatricial formations of the distal part of the esophagus, accompanied by a significant narrowing. The fourth stage The esophagus is S-shaped deformed and has pronounced cicatricial narrowing. Complications are often determined - paraesophagitis and / or esophagitis.


When radiologistsTwo degrees of achalasia of the cardia can be observed on a chiropractic scan, when the esophagus is moderately dilated, or its muscular walls are completely or partially atrophied, and the segment of gabapentin pills is significantly narrowed. First stage In the absence of pathological expansion of the esophagus, short-term disturbances in the passage of food are determined. The muscles of the lower esophageal sphincter are slightly relaxed. The clinical condition of achalasia cardia is characterized by a slowly progressive course of the disease, the main signs and symptoms of which are expressed in dysphagia of the esophagus.

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This symptom of the disease is considered the most stable symptom of achalasia cardia and has distinctive features: feeling of food coma delay in the chest; after swallowing, after 3-5 seconds from the beginning of neurontin online, there are difficulties in passing food; patient complaints about the sensation of food getting into the nasopharynx.

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An uncomfortable body position, brisk walking or running, torso tilts, and so on can exacerbate such symptoms.

As a rule, such symptoms of esophageal dysphagia are activated when eating solid food. To enhance the act of swallowing, a person needs to drink a certain amount of warm water. The next symptom is regurgitation, when the contents of the stomach or esophagus are passively returned back to the oral cavity. The process of regurgitation, or regurgitation, can occur even several hours after eating food. All this time, the food mass can be in the lower part of the esophagus, without causing nausea and gag reflex in a person.

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In most cases, the symptoms of achalasia cardia after esophageal congestion are associated with chest pain radiating to the neck, shoulder and shoulder area. Frequent manifestations of pain, providing the body with an uncomfortable state, cause a person to have a conscious feeling of limiting food intake, which affects his appearance.